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About Me

As a Brit who has now lived longer in Canada than I ever did at "home" I still am not sure of who I am. At 82 I am redefining myself as a still competent member of society and capable of earning a living. On that front, my acting career since retiring from education has not been a means of earning a living, but certainly a source of fun and learning! 18 years of being an on-call principal has, until recently, been a good source of income, but a new bug has entered my life - writing! I have just finished a novella (I had hoped it would be a novel, and maybe some inspired agent will show me how to make it so). It has worked wonders to increase my belief in myself, give me a purpose, and explore some wonderful information. I live with my wife of 49 years in Gibsons, BC. I have 3 children by my first wife - 1 in Alberta, and 2 on Vancouver Island, My two stepdaughters are separated by distance - One not far in West Sechelt, and the other in Colorado, USA but add greatly to my "comfort in family"

So, you want to be a writer!

I am 82, and never thought I could actually write a novel, or even a story. But a series of accidents, coincidences, and serendipitous events all came together to set me a conundrum. And from that grew an idea for a story.

Without that impetus I would never have had the nous to even think of writing anything.

  1. I believe that the number one thing to be a writer is to have a problem or question before you, and then work on solving it or answering it

In my case it was: "Why is St. Patrick so prevalent in Mexico?" This was an observation I made while visiting San Patricio in Jalisco, Mexico. On St. Patrick's Day they have parades and fireworks and celebrations that seem excessive. Why?

I started to ask questions, and research, and found that there was a relatively untold story there.

2. I joined a local writers' group and got bi-weekly feedback on my writing and ideas - both from a technical standpoint as to grammar and construction, but also as to whether my way of telling the story was effective. this was invaluable in keeping e going.