I was born and educated in Britain and started my teaching career there. I am married with two daughters and a son, and two step-daughters. I hold a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Calgary, Alberta and a Master of Science Degree (Public Relations) from Stirling University in Scotland.

My acting career started with taking acting in teacher training and then teaching acting along with choirmaster Lloyd Erickson at Crescent Heights High School in Calgary, Alberta. At the same time I started performing with The Buskins - a large community theatre group where I acted with such renowned actors as Grant Reddick and Vi Pohlan. We performed British style Pantomimes, Noel Coward, Van Druten, Inge, Ionesco, and Kilbourne.

With other priorities, acting was in abeyance until I arrived on the Sunshine Coast in 1979, and started working with Driftwood Players, with whom I acted in a wide variety of series dramas and comedy (more comedy actually!)

Since 1998 I have been acting professionally in movies, TV, and commercials, as well as with community theatre. I now have an agent, Pamela Wise. A partial list of my acting career is below:

My demo reel can be accessed here

Living Together
Arsenic & Old Lace
Beyond The Fringe
Farndale Murder Mystery
Farndale Christmas Carol



CIGNA Commercial                                 Actor                                            Alexandra@filmgroup.tv

No Men Beyond This Point                      Actor                                           Mark Sewers

Mugshot - indy movie promo                    Actor                                            Laura Clarke Productions

Ecstasy - Movie                                        Actor – “Professor Kaminsky”      Dolce Cielo Productions

“Frijj” Commercial                                     Principal                                       Means of Production Inc

“Aquassure” Bathtubs Commercial          Principal                                       Pathway Films Inc

Monkey Business - Commercial               Principal                                        European Regional - Circle Pictures

Miracle  - Movie                                        Actor – IOC Pres. Lord Killanen     Determination Prod. Ltd.

The Dead Zone  - TV Series                    Actor                                             Dead Zone. Prod. Corp.

Access TV Commercial                            Actor                                             Access TV, Alberta



How the Grinch stole Christmas              Director  & VO                           KoC Productions - Radio Play

Three Men In A Boat (Tom Neill)              Director & VO                           4 Heroes Production Co

Heroes (Tom Stoppard)                            Director                                    Driftwood Players

A Child's Christmas In Wales                   Director                                     KoC Productions - Radio Play

Father Knows Best                                   Director                                     KoC Productions - Radio Play

Miracle on 34th Street                               Director                                     KoC Productions/CKAY-FM

Riverside Drive &

   Central Park West (Woody Allen)          Director/Actor                            Driftwood Players

It’s A Wonderful Life – the Radio Play       Director                                     KoC Productions/CKAY-FM

I Was There                                               Director/Author                          Short Productions

A Christmas Carol                                     Director                                     PerePierre Productions

Pilate’s Wife                                               Director/Author                         Short Productions

All Through The Night                                Actor                                        Short Productions

A Rented Christmas                                   Director                                    Short Productions

A Christmas Carol                                     Actor/Reader                             CBC & KoC

A Passion Play                                          Director                                     St. Mary’s Church, Gibsons

A Christmas Carol                                    Actor/Reader                             CBC & SCAC

Separate Tables (Rattigan)                      Director                                      Driftwood Players

"Farndale Women's... Murder Mystery"   Actor                                          Driftwood Players

"Ten Little Indians"                                   Director                                      Driftwood Players

"Farndale Women's... Christmas Carol"   Actor                                          Driftwood Players

"Beyond The Fringe"                                Actor                                          Driftwood Players

"Showcase Of Performing Arts"               Actor                                          Driftwood Players

“Beyond The Fringe”- "Take A Pew"        Actor                                          Driftwood Players

Confusions                                              Actor                                           Driftwood Players          

"Between Mouthfuls", "Talk In The Park",
"Mr. Pearce" & "Arthur", "Judge Gaffney  Actor                                      Driftwood Players

Life We Lived                                           Actor - various parts                  Caitlin Hicks Production

Arsenic & Old Lace (Joseph Kesselring)     "Theodore Brewster - Teddy"     Driftwood Players

Vaudeville Show                                       "Master of Ceremonies"             Driftwood Players

Living Together (Alan Ayckbourn)             "Reg"                                         Driftwood Players

Confusions (Alan Ayckbourn)                   "Mr. Pearce"                               Driftwood Players

Tonight at 8:30 (Noel Coward)                  "Mr. Wadhurst"                          Buskins Drama Group

Pantomime -  "Mother Goose"                  Comedic parts                            Buskins Drama Group



VanCity                                                       Model                                        Anthony Redpath Photography



Acting, Drama and Stagecraft courses      University of the West of England

Teaching Certificate                                   Redland College, Bristol, UK

BEd                                                           University of Calgary

MSc (Public Relations)                             University of Stirling, Scotland, UK



Mimicry, British accents, Comedy, Merchant Navy, Teacher, Canadian Forces Reserve, P/T Reporter & Editor, Computer programmer, Educational & Family consultant, School Administrator, Potter, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Fly-fisher, Photographer, Sailboat Owner, Pet Owner (Torby, & black Siamese cats)