Acting prepares you for success!

All of my work in theatre recently has been about encouraging young people to be involved in creating theatre.

I was lucky enough in 2012 to be able to teach the Acting 12 class at Elphinstone Secondary School, in Gibsons, BC. What a wonderful experience and such talented young people. They kept me young, and gave me hope for the future.

The following year I worked with a small group of students at Elphinstone School in an after school Acting Club. With the strength of the programs provided by the Driftwood Players Theatre School I decided not to split off a group from that, and I to put my encouragement of students to enroll there.

Since then I have put on an annual Christmas Radio Play in Gibsons, BC, and acted in a Christmas Pantomime of "Treasure Island".

My first experiences with acting were with classes at Redland College, University of Bristol, and class involvement as a student with BBC Bristol, and the Old Vic, Bristol.

My first opportunity to put theory and training into practice was at Crescent Heights High School in Calgary, where I  worked with Lloyd Erickson to produce an annual Gilbert & Sullivan production. Now, that was a blast, as anyone who knows Lloyd can guess!

Practically, I have been acting since the late 50s - first with The Buskins in Calgary, and then later, on moving to BC, with Driftwood Players, Sunshine Coast..

Following my retirement from teaching I was prompted to obtain an agent, and Pamela Wise (now of Premiere Talent in Vancouver) has been my agent since 2000.

I have appeared in movies (Miracle, Ecstasy, Men Only Beyond This Point) TV shows (Dead Zone), and commercials (Norwegian telephones Telnor, British Frijj, Aquassure bathtubs, and most recently CIGNA travel insurance, and BC Nurses Union.).

My acting and directing includes the following:

Age of Wellbeing                                             

Principal                                                           Capture The Moment Media

Three Men In A Boat (Tom Neill)                                    Director                                                             Four Heroes Production Co.

Heroes (Tom Stoppard)                                                  Director                                                              Driftwood Players

Acting Teacher, Grade 11/12                                          Teacher                                                              Elphinstone Secondary School

Miracle on 34th Street                                                     Director                                                              KoC Productions/CKAY-FM

Riverside Drive & Central Park West (Woody Allen)       Director/Actor                                                    Driftwood Players

It’s A Wonderful Life – the Radio Play                            Director                                                              KoC Productions/CKAY-FM

I Was There                                                                     Director/Author                                                  Short Productions

A Christmas Carol                                                          Director                                                              PerePierre Productions

Pilate’s Wife                                                                     Director/Author                                                  Short Productions

All Through The Night                                                     Actor                                                                   Short Productions

A Rented Christmas                                                        Director                                                              Short Productions

A Christmas Carol                                                          Actor/Reader                                                      CBC & KoC

A Passion Play                                                                 Director                                                              St. Mary’s Church, Gibsons

A Christmas Carol                                                          Actor/Reader                                                      CBC & SCAC

Separate Tables (Rattigan)                                             Director                                                              Driftwood Players

"Farndale Women's... Murder Mystery"                       Actor                                                                   Driftwood Players

"Ten Little Indians"                                                           Director                                                              Driftwood Players

"Farndale Women's... Christmas Carol"                      Actor                                                                   Driftwood Players

"Beyond The Fringe"                                                       Actor                                                                   Driftwood Players

"Showcase Of Performing Arts"                                     Actor                                                                   Driftwood Players

“Beyond The Fringe”- "Take A Pew"                             Actor                                                                   Driftwood Players

Confusions                                                                       Actor                                                                   Driftwood Players
"Between “Mouthfuls", "Talk In The Park",
"Mr. Pearce" & "Arthur", "Judge Gaffney                Actor                                                                   Driftwood Players

Life We Lived                                                                  
Actor - various parts                                          Caitlin Hicks Production

Arsenic & Old Lace (Joseph Kesselring)                      
"Theodore Brewster - Teddy"                           Driftwood Players

Together (Alan Ayckbourn)                                             "Reg"                                                                  Driftwood Players

Confusions (Alan Ayckbourn)                                       
"Mr. Pearce"                                                      Driftwood Players

Tonight at 8:30 (Noel Coward)                                     
"Mr. Wadhurst"                                                  Buskins Drama Group